Seryozha partizan 44

Updated on September 5, 2013
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Drawing of Tapani Tuomanen

Photo of a plane of 3 GvAP DD (Long Range Guards Aviation Regiment), flown by Captain Sergey D. Kumlik, commander of the 3rd squadron, March 1945.

The slogan says 'Seryozha partizan' (Seryozha is a diminutive of Sergey); it looks white or silver; according to some sources the slogan could be outlined red, but the photo doesn't allow to decide on this.

A black rectangle bears the marks of the bombing missions made.

For what can be seen, the camouflage looks the old green-black one, unclear if modified with brown or not, while the markings have the characteristic white-red outline introduced in August 1943. A reinforcing strut can be seen on the rear fuselage.