Baikov's zebra
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This photo represents the MiG-3 of leytenant S.D. Baikov of 34 IAP of 6 IAK PVO of  Moscow, probably in summer 1941.
On the photo, the pilot shows a Red Banner Order on his chest.
Although the aircraft is only partially visible, its camouflage appears to be very interesting.
The background, including the left wing, appears light; probably the photo was manipulated to put into greater evidence the pilot only.
The characteristics not appearing on the photo are hypothized on the base of other similar aircraft:

photo from "MiG-3 Fighter" by A. Medved, D. Khazanov, M. Maslov.

  • early type MiG-3;
  • with radio and radio mast;
  • camouflaged with black stripes over an overall green base, that was standard before the war outbreak; the stripes extend probably over the wing uppersurfaces;
  • there could be stars on the wings uppersurfaces, probably covered with black paint; 
  • the propeller blades are repainted black; this extends on the spinner and a bit on the engine cowling, even on the light blue undersurface;
  • there are triangular plates on the oil coolers outlets and a thin plate on the junction between spinner and engine cowling, as on late MiG-3s;
  • possibly, the light blue on the fuselage sides could be overpainted black;
  • codes are unknown; if present, they were probably on the tail.
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