outlined white 5
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This profile represents an aircraft flown by a Soviet pilot, possibly in summer 1941
Its characteristics seems to be:
  • early type MiG-3, probably without slats;
  • the radio mast is absent, but the radio box is visible behind the headrest, and the rear wire aerial is instelled;
  • a white 5, outlined in red, is visible; its position, strongly moved back, let me think that it's the only digit of the code;
  • standard green/black camouflage, possibly added on an overall green base (the rear band is soft, while the engine band has hard outline);
  • standard red stars on six positions (fuselage, tail, wing undersurfaces);
  • lack of sliding hood;
  • all black-painted prop blades, very worn, with well visible bare metal;
  • predominantly black painted interior (but with a light-painted seat backrest)
Image from Kriylya 2/2008
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