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These images show a line of MiG-3s and P-40s of 7 IAP VVS ChF (Black Sea Fleet) in Kuban, 1943. 
Many versions of this images exist, probably they are from some movie.
We see five examples of MiG-3: from the left to the right, white 27 (or 25?), white 28, yellow 21, another covered one, and finally white 30.
White 28 was the subject of some profiles published on other sources: it was interpreted as painted with uniform green uppersurfaces by John Weal, while n.21 was drawn as camouflaged with dark green bands on the instructions of a decals sheet of Travers.
First aircraft has obviously camouflaged wings, while vague shadows with coherent shapes are visible on the other aircrafts of the line, so I think they are all almost identical.
Only the third aircraft differs in having a yellow number (or, at least, darker than the white outline of the star) and the inert gas pipe on the exhaust stacks.

Photos from Soviet Air Force Fighter Colours 1941-1945 of Erik Pilawskii

Another image, from a different source, looks to show the contours of some camo bands on the rear fuselage.

Its characteristics look to be: 

  • late model, probably with slats;
  • with  radio and radio mast;
  • with inert gas pipe on the left exhaust stacks;
  • camouflaged green and dark green with light blue undersurfaces;
  • yellow number 21, slightly overposed to the fuselage star outline;
  • red stars on six positions, with large white outline;
  • spinner with aft cone painted white;
  • probably black propeller blades.
Here is a camo scheme obtained from what is visible on the photos and from other similar aircrafts.
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