Profiles of R-5, R-Z and PR-5

Updated on April 27, 2015

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White tails of Zhukovsky Academy, 1935

R-5 Red rudder with seagull
S.S.S.R.-Eh.39. glider tow
SSSR Red Cross K 23

Red 4 of NKVD Frontier Guards

Persian 22
White 15 of Kiev Military District
R-5 red 3 with ski during the Winter War
R-5 Shturmovik captured by Finns
White winter camouflaged plane in 1936
Winter 12
Camouflaged Yellow 20
Camouflaged Yellow 12
R-5 camouflaged transport plane
R-5 Limuzin 'brush camo'

R-5 Red 20 transport
Yellow R-5
R-Z prototype
R-Z White rudder 'red 2' of Zhukovsky Academy

Spanish R-Z LN-045

Spanish R-Z 17 W 20
High altitude R-Z prototype
PR-5 SSSR-L2183
PR-5 SSSR-L2167
PR-5 in military service


PR-5 Yellow 3 in VVS service


this work collects a lot of photos from many sources, not always identified and mentioned.
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